Professional, Community, Honor, Integrity, Excellence, Fun


Be recognized by, and set an example for the Recreational Diving Public and Professionals in the Dive Industry, as a leading Dive Center in regard to Dive Safety, Customer Service, Recreational & Professional Diver Education and Environmental Awareness & Protection.


We strive to maintain and exceed the standards as a DAN Partner in Dive Safety as well as adhere to general safe diving standards, keep our staff and equipment up to date and promote, organize and conduct programs and courses to improve dive safety in general and especially in Yolanda Divers.

We strive to promote and increase the knowledge of and responsibility for the aquatic environment amongst all divers and snorkelers and the general public by offering courses and programs, by organizing and conducting events and projects for the local population and by leading by example in protecting the environment during all our activities.

We strive to achieve maximum customer and staff satisfaction by offering a personalized service according to the customer’s needs by giving honest and appropriate advice and information on the service and products we offer, by offering an extensive range of products and services related to diving and by keeping our staff enthusiastic and professional with continuing education.

We strive to help create safe and confident recreational divers and professional dive educators by offering a wide as possible range of diving and diving related courses and programs at all recreational and professional levels and conduct these in a professional and exemplary manner.